Monday, September 28, 2009

Should it be Kitschtory or Kitsch-story?

This morning I wondered if the Diahann Carroll "Julia " doll predated Black Barbie. Then I realized that important topics like this get passed over during Black History Month, which is why we need Black Kitschtory Month. Every month.

My idea of Black Kitsch is inspired by the "Julia" doll, or the Michael Jackson doll from 1984. It includes items from mass or low culture of the past that indicate what mattered to people of the time. Black History Month is for Alvin Ailey, The March on Washington, and the Cosby Show; Black Kitsch-tory Month (every month) is for Black Barbie, vintage Jet Magazine, and Lisa Bonet tabloid headlines.

I have very few items of black kitschtorical interest of my own, so I'm hoping readers will submit photos, videos, and memories at

I'm also interested in Afri-Kitsch, a sub category that is best exemplified by the Bob Mackie Fantasy Goddess of Africa Barbie

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